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SoundChick's View on Nicholas Pell's Article

Nicholas Pell, writer for LA Weekly, wrote an article on why one should stop listening to Green Day. After reading this disturbing article, I have decided to write a counter piece.

For one, Pell compares Green Day to Blink-182. Both of these bands have been impactful in the youth scene. He believes that Green Day, producing "maudlin" music, recieved more attribution than Blink-182. Whoa, wait a minute, maudlin? May I remind you of the album that Green Day turned into a major braodway hit? Green Day is in no way maudlin. The words Pell uses to describe Green Day are cruel and unjust. At one point, Pell even takes a stab at the kids that get bullied.

They're both punk bands who are respected greatly in their genres, get over it. However, both bands have actually had a fall out that the author does not mention. Green Day had a fall out since their lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong, went to rehab, and Blink-182 has been under the radar since their last album released back in 2011. Both bands are slowly reappearing though. Green Day was just inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and Mark Hoppus (bassist of Blink-182) makes appearances here and there within the music scene. These bands are noticed, respected, and loved by many. Yes, we may love one over the other, but that does not give us the right to say that one is a sell out band, when clearly they are not. There's no room in the world for bullies, and that includes the music world.

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