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Yodel Kid AKA Mason Ramsey Gets Signed?!

Hello again, my fellow hard rockers! It has been quite a while since I have been active, but hey, college will do that to a person. So much has happened within this year alone. Kevin Lyman (Founder of the Vans Warped Tour) announced 2018 is the final cross-country tour, various artist lineups in bands, Billie Joe Armstrong started a new band (the Longshot), and now we have a new icon in our midst-- the Walmart Yodel Kid.

Mason Ramsey became a legendary meme when his video of him yodeling in Walmart a couple of months ago went viral. Viewers jokingly stated that they wanted to see Ramsey at Coachella-- and well, their "dreams" came true. Ramsey a few days ago released his single, "Famous," and news that he's been signed with Atlantic Records. You might be familiar with Atlantic Records if you like Led Zeppelin, Ray Charles, etc.

As an avid music lover, I'm having a hard time dealing with this news. I'm all for people creating music and bringing joy into others' lives, however, I feel like this is all premature. This kid walked into Walmart, and his family or bystanders recorded a video of him innocently singing. Because it was quite comical, he became an instant hit. Next, he's on the lineup at Coachella...odd. Ramsey has now been signed to one of the best recording companies. What's unfortunate about this, is that artists who have been working for years can't get signed, but this kid can. I just don't feel like this is quite fair to those who have been going to training sessions, gone through broken guitars, getting bloody palms from drumming numerous days in a row, etc. Also, I feel like Atlantic Records was maybe motivated by the public to do this. They saw a PR or media advantage to doing this... but did they really want to sign him? I don't know, this situation seems a little too sketchy for my metal mind to comprehend.

Want to read more on Ramsey's stardom? Click here.

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