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Couch Lands: Lost Lands Virtual Stage Episode 1

Genres such as rock, punk, metal, and EDM thrive off of live show engagements. They're the genres for the rebellious and wild crew, and we all know we like it rowdy. As you're all aware, we're in the middle of a pandemic and the cancellation of many shows and festivals has been the result of that. Lost Lands, one of the biggest EDM festivals is one of many that were cancelled. Fortunately, the artists agreed to put on the show virtually-- calling it Couch Lands. Yesterday (May 30), the first episode was streamed on Twitch. This was a festival that I originally planned to attend, so I was glad that they were able to pull this off in an efficient way.

When I was streaming Episode 1 yesterday, I was quite surprised and pleased by what I saw. This stream was probably one of the best virtual shows I've watched since the pandemic began. The theme of Lost Lands carried into this virtual livestream. There were trees, vines, waterfalls, pyrotechnics, as well as animatronic dinosaurs. It was well done. Not only that, but the sound was fantastic. I watched on a Mac and the sound was loud and crisp. I head banged along to the music to show my support in this. The virtual screening was to watch, there were cute dinosaurs that would come across the screen to announce when someone donated. It was appealing to watch. Even though I was not able to be there in person, this definitely made up for it.

If you would like to watch it, you can view it here.

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