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Suicide Silence Virtual Tour Atlanta Review

Out of the several live streams watched throughout this pandemic, Suicide Silence's was by far the best. Right off the bat, you can tell that there was significant thought and care put into the process and layout of this show. Just to list a few perks, there's a chat bar to communicate with both the band and other attendees, you have the ability to vote on songs played, you can watch skits in-between songs, and there's a Q&A after the set. Attendees can even purchase merchandise during this live stream. This makes for quite the unique and personal tour, and definitely sets this live stream apart from others. And the best part is, every date produces a different experience.

The livestream started off with several clips of the band featuring Mitch Lucker. If you're a die-hard fan of Suicide Silence, this probably struck right to the heart. It brought the band right back to its roots, and that was pure to witness. When the set started, it was obvious they were in a studio with the proper lighting and equipment to produce the same quality and experience as an in-person concert. Members were even a little distanced from each other. So, we all know they're not getting this nasty virus. Vocalist Eddie Hermida crushed it with another killer set for the band, and he was backed with some deep shredding. The band sounded as good as a radio edit, which is pretty hard to pull off during a live stream, but they nailed it.

As mentioned previously, attendees could connect with the band in the chat bar throughout this livestream. The band was actively engaging with attendees, even before the Q&A. It was an amazing thing to witness, and it showed that the band truly does pay attention and care to what their fans are saying. This was an opportunity to cover a lot of crazy yet memorable experiences from the members. During the band's Q&A, guitarist Chris Garza gave a little love to the Atlanta music scene and referenced "Sevendust 110 percent," when asked which Atlanta-local bands they enjoy.

This show was great to watch, as a lot of live stream shows tend to have some audio issues. This live stream was crystal clear. According to attendee Nathan Fairbrass the Suicide Silence Virtual Tour is, "well worth the dollars." The SoundChick agrees. If you have not already, please grab a ticket and witness this for yourself. It is the most metal live stream you will watch.

Below is an image of what you might see when you view this show yourself.

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