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Black Veil Brides Re-Stitch These Wounds Live at Whiskey A Go Go

Black Veil Brides
Re-Stitch These Wounds Album Cover

Last night (August 1) Black Veil Brides performed Re-Stitch These Wounds in full during a livestream from the famous Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood, CA. Re-Stitch These Wounds reimagines 10 years after the band's start to their career with their first album, We Stitch These Wounds. Whiskey A Go Go is where the band began with this album, so it would be to no surprise this is where they would perform this livestream. However, this time, they do it with a different lineup. To replace bassist Ashley Purdy, bassist Lonny Eagleton comes in to join the BVB Army, and fans loved it. The band came alive together on the stage to produce a livestream to remember for hardcore Black Veil Brides fans.

The production of this show was well put together. Since this was streamed from the Whiskey A Go Go venue, the band was able to produce lighting like they would at an in-person concert. This aspect made it more authentic. Not only that, but the quality of video streaming was great. It was like you were watching an HD music video during the entire duration of the show. The Black Veil brides livestream was a different experience compared to the Suicide Silence Virtual Tour I covered, however, different bands yield different experiences. This was still an effective and pleasant show to sit in on.

One thing that I was glad to see during this livestream was that there was a chat bar for fans to comment on the show and with each other. The livestream was well attended with fans tuning in from Brazil, Chile, Germany, the U.S., and many more regions. This was a great turn out for the band. I did notice that the chat bar did not appear to have a moderator to kick out or block harassment to fans. This wasn't a big deal, but it is an aspect to consider in the future.

The audio was phenomenal for streaming purposes. With Andy Biersack on vocals, one would want to be able to hear his voice in the best way possible, and this livestream prevailed. You could hear Biersack's clean and "screaming" vocals clearly throughout the livestream. I must say, it was just as good as it would be in person. Attendees could clearly see the passion and emotion Biersack was feeling as he was reimagining the start to his career on the stage where it all began, and that was amazing to witness as a fan.

Instrumentalists Christian Coma "CC," Jinxx, Jake Pitts, and Eagleton came to play, and it showed. Every member truly looked like they were enjoying themselves, and were having a great time. This produced for a better listening experience for the attendees as it had the most authentic experience brought to them. With this being Eagleton's first full album performance with the band, it was great to see how well he fit in and performed with the rest of the members. It was one of my favorite aspects of this livestream. However, fans were stoked in the comments when Jinxx got his solo on stage.

For "Mortician's Daughter," Jinxx performed it solo on violin. If you are a die-hard Black Veil Brides fan, this is an iconic song with the lyrics. When Jinxx performed this song, it most likely had the fans in tears, as the melodies carried the sorrowful tune in such a beautiful way. I might even like this version better. It was definitely one of the highlights of the show, in addition to when the band performed "Knives & Pens," and "Never Give In." It was truly an emotional and wonderful experience streaming this concert.

As bands are learning how to conduct livestream performances in an effective way, there are obviously going to be some bumps in the road. The band released on Twitter shortly before the livestream that if you stayed after, you would be able to sit in on a Q&A. The last song of this livestream was "Carolyn." At the very last note, the screen went black. Fans were flooded with questions in the chat: "encore?," "when's the Q&A?," or "are they just in the dressing room changing and coming back?" Several minutes went by before fans who pay tribute to the band's Patreon announced the livestream had been postponed until a later date. This was really the only disappointing thing to have happened during this livestream. There wasn't a lot of guidance, and fans were literally left in the dark unless they followed the band's Patreon.

However, that being said, I'm still glad I got to participate in this livestream. With tickets only at $10 ($50 for ticket + t-shirt), it was worth the money, even if one didn't get to sit in on a Q&A. Plus, if you bought tickets to the livestream, you're able to stream it for a full 24 hours, which is a cool feature to add for fans. I strongly urge fans to re-stitch these wounds again if they have not done so already. Black Veil Brides put on a great performance, and I cannot wait until the chance I get to see them perform in-person with their new lineup.

Get a glimpse of the experience with pictures from the show below.

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