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Check Out What Happened This Week

The SoundChick stayed busy this week, keeping fans up to date on reviews and interviews. The reviews posted on The SoundChick this week covered song, album, and even virtual livestream shows. These reviews covered a variety of genres from death metal to rap. Keep in mind, there was a little something for everyone covered on The SoundChick this week.

If that wasn't enough, The SoundChick put out an interview with a hard-hitting Canadian rock band, HIGHFRONT. The SoundChick specifically interviewed Adam Loback from the band. This interview included news on new music, the band's most recent releases, and how they're planning on cranking it up for their fans.

Don't worry, if you missed the chance to check any of these out, links will be below for easy access. Please don't hesitate to reach out to The SoundChick with inquiries of interviews or music reviews via email. Rock on, and enjoy what The SoundChick has to offer.



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